Reach more than 200,000 doctors through our digital channel and help them stay up-to-date with new therapies and new developments in your therapeutic areas.


Who are we

Mediately is the leading medical app company in CEE and Italy, helping doctors with drug information, clinical decision support tools, and accredited medical education.

We are present in 10 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and Spain. In these markets, our apps are trusted by more than 200,000 doctors and more than 412,000 other healthcare professionals as their daily medical assistant.

This trust is the result of the high-quality evidence-based information we provide to improve patient care. 

Our apps are certified as medical devices in the EU, and our company is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to maintain the company’s quality management system and to comply with the requirements of the EN ISO 13485:2016 standard.

Our partners

With an audience of 200,000 doctors, we provide a powerful digital marketing channel for the pharmaceutical industry. We work with 30 of the top 30 global pharma companies in crafting effective digital campaigns.

Through our apps, we have launched more than 200 digital campaigns, improving disease awareness and diagnosis, educating doctors on new therapeutic approaches, and promoting new therapies.

Our initiatives help the pharmaceutical industry and doctors reach their common goal: improving patient care, quickly and effectively.


Why is digital marketing important for pharma companies?

Doctors are already getting 30% of their medical information from digital channels and this trend is only accelerating.

They strongly prefer independent channels they already trust over corporate channels and initiatives.

The pharma industry is on average investing 1% of their HCP marketing in digital, primarily in the digital channels least preferred by doctors.

Do digital the right way with us!

Why work with Mediately?


Reach your target audience quickly and effectively

Deliver key messages to target HCPs in an instant

Achieve daily visibility of your promotional campaigns

Focus on the substance, while we focus on the reach

why work with us

Help doctors make better decisions

Craft in-depth campaigns with our dedicated medical team

Educate doctors and promote new guidelines and tools for improving patient care

Improve patient safety and simplify drug prescriptions with dosing tools

why work with us

Elevate your multi-channel approach

Maximize the impact of new product launches

Amplify your salesforce effectiveness

Rely on measurable results

Our team

Helping doctors make the best decisions by making medical knowledge accessible.

With a rapidly growing team of more than 82 medical professionals, digital pharma marketing experts and experienced developers, we are driven by the mission to help doctors make better decisions by making medical knowledge accessible.