About Us

Mediately is the leading medical app company in CEE and Italy, helping doctors with drug information, clinical decision support tools, and accredited medical education.


Our mission is to help doctors make better decisions by making medical knowledge accessible.


At Mediately, we help doctors diagnose faster, treat better and learn more with our fast and intuitive mobile assistant, available in 10 countries. It’s made for doctors, which means each specialist can find information tailored to their specific needs. With our product, doctors and healthcare professionals can discover new drugs, check their SmPCs and side effects, calculate the right dosages for medicines using clinical calculators, find out about the most recent guidelines, or search through the ICD-10 classification system to treat their patients more efficiently.

Mediately Values

Work as one team

A common focus & goal unites us. We are in this together. Our users and partners help us make the Mediately app even better.

Share openly

Communication matters. Sharing information, keeping things clear and making sure everyone’s on the same page. Encouraging all to ask questions and share their knowledge.

Own it

We take full responsibility when making important decisions. When challenges come our way, we step up, find solutions, and stand by them.

Stay Bold

Always oriented to trying new things that can influence a positive change. Going beyond our comfort zone, we team up and come up with new ways to make things awesome.

Our team is helping doctors make the best decisions by making medical knowledge accessible.

With a team of more than 60 medical professionals, digital pharma marketing experts and experienced developers from 6 countries, we are driven by the mission to help doctors make better decisions by making medical knowledge accessible.

Our mission has been well recognized among businesses that strive for innovation and business growth. In 2023, we became a cofounding company of Slovenski Tehnološki Forum (Slovenian Technology Forum), an association formed by high-tech and export-oriented companies, advocating for a fresh development model in Slovenia.

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Special award by Slovenian newspaper Medicina Danes

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Special award by Slovenian newspaper Medicina Danes

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