Client Success Story:

Search banner campaign for a dermatology drug

This client success story exemplifies the effectiveness of strategic marketing and targeted outreach. Tasked with launching a new medication for skin disease treatment, our client implemented a search banner campaign to engage dermatologists in Slovenia.

Campaign Overview

Client Objective:

New drug launch for a dermatology drug

Ad Type:

Search banner

Publishing Period:

1 month

Targeted Specializations:


Campaign Strategy:

The campaign was planned to target dermatologists, recognizing their specialized role in treating skin disease. Leveraging search banners, the client aimed to capture the attention of dermatologists while actively seeking information on drugs in the Mediately App. 

Search banner



Audience Reach:

Over the one-month campaign period, 69 dermatologists engaged with the ad, representing approximately 53% of dermatologists in Slovenia.


Impression Frequency:

On average, each reached dermatologist encountered the search banner advertisement 31 times.

By exclusively targeting dermatologists, the campaign ensured focused engagement with healthcare professionals specialized in dermatology. With a concise one-month publishing period, the campaign facilitated rapid dissemination of information.