Client Success Story:

Launching a new endocrinology drug in Slovenia

Tasked with launching a new endocrinology drug in Slovenia, our client launched an advertising campaign leveraging search banner placements to reach key healthcare professionals.

Campaign Overview

Client Objective:

Launching a new endocrinology medication in Slovenia

Ad Type:

Search banner

Publishing Period:

1 month

Targeted Specializations:

cardiologists, GP, internal medicine

Campaign Strategy:

The campaign was crafted to ensure maximum exposure to relevant medical professionals. With a disease as the focal point, the client aimed to penetrate the medical community, particularly targeting healthcare providers specializing in this field.

Search banner



Audience Reach:

The campaign garnered significant attention, with 70 cardiologists, 1000 general practitioners, and 254 internists engaging with the ad during the 1-month period. In Slovenia, these number represent almost 62% of all cardiologists, GPs, and internists in the country.


Impression Frequency:

On average, the reached audience encountered the banner advertisement an impressive 32 times over the course of the campaign, demonstrating strong visibility and retention among healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, the search banner campaign achieved remarkable success. The campaign successfully penetrated key segments of the medical community, establishing a solid foundation for future brand recognition and adoption among prescribers.