Client Success Story:

Search banner campaign for a new infectious disease medication

This client success story highlights the power of strategic marketing and effective execution. Tasked with promoting a new infectious disease medication in Slovenia, our client opted for a search banner campaign to engage key healthcare professionals in Slovenia.

Campaign Overview

Client Objective:

Launching an infectious disease medication

Ad Type:

Search banner

Publishing Period:

1 month

Targeted Specializations:

General practitioners

Campaign Strategy:

The campaign was set to target general practitioners, recognizing their pivotal role in managing infectious disease cases. Leveraging search banners, the client aimed to capture the attention of healthcare professionals actively seeking information in the Mediately App.

Search banner



Audience Reach:

Over only one-month campaign period, 876 general practitioners saw the ad, representing a significant portion of the target demographic (appx. 68%).


Impression Frequency:

On average, each reached general practitioner encountered the search banner advertisement 43 times.

The search banner campaign for infectious disease medicine demonstrated significant success in a very short time period. With a concise one-month the campaign achieved a very high impression number for reached doctors.