Client Success Story:

Newsfeed banner campaign for pre-launch activity in obesity treatment

This client success story shines as a testament to strategic planning and impactful execution. Tasked with generating buzz for an upcoming medication targeting obesity, our client decided to include newsfeed banner advertisements in their pre-launch campaign to reach key healthcare professionals in Slovenia.

Campaign Overview

Client Objective:

Pre-launch activity for an obesity medication 

Ad Type:

Newsfeed banner S

Publishing Period:

6 months

Targeted Specializations:

GP, internal medicine

Campaign Strategy:

The campaign was planned to target healthcare professionals specializing in general practice and internal medicine. Recognizing the importance of engaging these audiences early, the client strategically leveraged newsfeed banners to spark interest and anticipation for the forthcoming medication.

Banner S



Audience Reach:

Over the course of the campaign, 1131 general practitioners and 451 internists were exposed to the ad, indicating significant reach within the target demographic. In Slovenia, these numbers represent appx 90% of all GPs, and internists in the country. 


Impression Frequency:

On average, the reached audience encountered the newsfeed banner advertisement 88 times, demonstrating consistent visibility and engagement throughout the six-month period.

In summary, the newsfeed banner campaign for the pre-launch activity prepared the market for the upcoming obesity treatment. The campaign positioned the drug for success, laying a strong foundation within the medical community.